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Telemedicine Visits

Important things to know about Telemedicine Visits:

  • You must give verbal consent to our staff or your provider to participate

  • Your insurance will be billed as we would typically for a brief office visit - most insurances are covering these as they would cover a routine in-office visit.

  • You will receive a text or email (depending on the stated preference) with the time of your visit and a link to connect to

  • Before the call, please make sure your web browser (for ex. Safari or Chrome on most smart phones) has access to your camera and microphone.  You can check this under "Settings". 

    • ex. IPhone

      • Settings >>Safari>>Camera>>Ask

      • Settings >>Safari>>Microphone>>Ask

    • ex: Android

      • Settings>>Biometrics and Security>>Privacy>>App Permissions>>Camera>>Chrome>>​Ask

      • Settings>>Biometrics and Security>>Privacy>>App Permissions>>Camera>>Chrome>>​Ask

  • About 5" before your appointment, click on the link.  When they see that you are on the link at the time of your appointment, your doctor will then connect and start the visit.

  • Please call the office if you have a problem connecting.

  • If possible try to test your camera and microphone to make sure that the doctor will be able to see your face, ideally from the waist up.  It may be useful to have someone assist you to hold the camera (phone, tablet or computer) if it is important for your doctor to see how you walk and move around the room safely.

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